Kerala Folklore
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Traditional Games of Kerala

Kallanum Polisum

This is a traditional children's game played Kerala. It is a fun and interactive role-playing game that involves two teams, "Kallan" and "Polis." The game is also known as "Thief and Police" or "Robber and Cop" in English.

Formation of Teams: The children participating in the game divide themselves into two teams – the "Kallan" team and the "Polis" team. The number of players on each team can vary based on the group size and available space.

Objective: The game's objective is straightforward: the "Kallan" team attempts to steal a hidden object or reach a specific location without getting caught by the "Polis" team.

Gameplay: The "Kallan" team starts at one point, and the "Polis" team is stationed at another point. The "Kallan" team tries to sneak, crawl, or move stealthily to avoid detection while reaching the target location or stealing the hidden object.

Rules: The "Polis" team tries to catch the "Kallan" team members and tag them as they move. Once a "Kallan" player is caught, they are considered "arrested" and might have to join the "Polis" team in catching other "Kallan" players. The game continues until all the "Kallan" players are caught or until they successfully complete the objective.

Winning Team: The game can be played for fun, and the joy lies in the chase and excitement. There might not be a definitive winner or loser, as it is often played for the thrill and enjoyment of both teams.

"Kallanum Polisum Kali" is a simple and entertaining game that allows children to engage in imaginative play, enhance their physical activity, and develop teamwork and strategic thinking. It is a popular pastime in Kerala and is cherished by children in various other regions too, often with minor variations in rules and names.

Pathinanju nayum Puliyum: ( Fifteen Dogs and Tiger)

This is an old Kerala game, as of children elder persons also used to play this game. Normally two participants plays this game. there is Three tigers and fifteen dogs represented by small stones buttons or any thing like that. Tigers chase the dogs. Dogs try to catch the tiger. If a dog catches the tiger, they become the tiger, and the tiger becomes a dog.

"Kothankallu Kali

Kothankallu Kali is a traditional folk game of girls in Kerala. small pebbles served as the basic component of this game. The children would collect pebbles and organize the game. The play area would be marked on the ground. The pebbles were positioned at a certain distance from the starting line. Each player would take turns to pick five pebbles at a time and throw them from the starting line. The aim was to make the pebbles reach a specific location or target.

If you managed to get one of your pebbles to the target, you would get one point. After all the players completed their turns, they would add up the points. The player with the highest score would be the winner.

The game was played with either five or seven pebbles, depending on the players' choice. These pebbles are placed in the floor withsome distance. then one pebble is throw up. Before it fall on the flour, the player have to pick the other pebbles with out touching other pebbles and have to catch the throwned pebble with out allowing it land the flour. One who catches maximum number of pebbles is the winner.Kotപankallu Kali was a fun and engaging game.

There are many otherpopular games prevailed in Kerala in the past years.Andi kali (Play with cashew), goli Kali Play with small glass balls), Kuttiyum kolum etc. are some among them.