Kerala Folklore
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Proverbs of Kerala

Kerala, like any other culture, has a plethora of proverbs that reflect the wisdom, traditions, and values of its people. Proverbs in Kerala are often used in conversations, storytelling, and everyday life to convey messages, teachings, and moral lessons. Here are some popular proverbs from Kerala:.

Asanaksharamonnu pizhachal ampathonnu pizhaykkum sishyanu" If the teacher misinterprets one letter, the disciple will misinterpret fifty one letters

"Kakka kulichal kokkakumo" Can the crow change its color by bathing

"Aana koduthalum aasha kodukkaruth" Even if you give an elephant free, never give froitless hope to any one"

"kakkaykk than kunju ponkunju" Own kid is golden kid for mother crow

"Ettile pashu pullu thinnilla" The cow in the book (Picture of cow) never eat grass

"Kuraykkum patti kadikkilla" Barking dog seldom bites

" Venenkil chakka verilum kaykkum" If thre is a will there is a way

"Minnunnathellam ponnalla" All the glitters are not gold.

" Adhikamayal amruthum visham" So many cooks spoil the kitchen

There are numerous proverbs in kerala like these. These proverbs carry timeless wisdom and cultural insights, reflecting the wisdom and wit of the people of Kerala.